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Special thanks to our spokeswoman Ashley Greene and to Selena Gomez, SeventeenPROM cover girl, for their special testimonials for DonateMyDress.org.

Dear DonateMyDress.org, Ashley Greene


I decided to become the DonateMyDress.org spokesperson because it completely hit home for me. I grew up with limited funds, so when I saved enough to buy my prom dress, it was such a highlight in my teenage life. I went to my high school sweetheart’s senior prom and had a blast. I felt truly beautiful. It’s unrealistic to expect to feel that way all the time, but if there is ever a time to feel perfect, it’s prom. Prom was such a big deal; you can't quite understand it unless you experience it. 

As spokesperson for DMD, my goal is to raise awareness for a great cause, one that helps girls have the most special night of their lives. Like Alice Cullen, the character I play in Twilight, I absolutely love dressing friends up in my clothes and I know the importance of a good prom dress. My dress helped to create a night that cannot be replicated. Everyone should be able to have that experience, and remember it fondly forever.  

My dresses all hold sentimental value, but if donating my dresses can give someone else the same feeling I once had, it’s completely worth it. 

Ashley Greene

Selena Gomez for DonateMyDress.org

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